IRS Tax Debt Forgiveness

The IRS considers all tax debt forgiveness requests on a case-by-case basis, so it’s impossible to guarantee that your total debt will be waived. Enlisting the help of a tax professional, however, can improve your chances of success.

How Does Tax Forgiveness Work?

Although it’s rare for the IRS to fully forgive your tax balance, it does offer various ways to reduce or eliminate your tax debt.

Each forgiveness program has its own qualifications and requirements. But before you can apply, you must be up to date on all required tax filings.

Once you’re in compliance, the IRS will consider your income, assets, and ability to pay before rejecting or accepting your forgiveness application.

To increase your odds of approval, request a free case review with an IRS Fresh Start tax specialist today!

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IRS Tax Forgiveness Programs

If you can’t pay your IRS debt in full and want to receive tax forgiveness, one of the following programs may work for you.

Even if you don’t meet the eligibility requirements above, you may qualify for other types of tax relief. To learn more about tax forgiveness and other relief options, contact IRS Fresh Start for a free consultation and case review.

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